Wire Mesh Welding Machine

A completely automatic and electronically-programmable plant for the production of standard electrowelded mesh, in panel or coil format. The line-wires and cross-wires are weldeable wire, […]

Wire Processing Machine

Manufacturer: WiTech

Precision Parts Forming Machinery

WAFIOS Umformtechnik is among the leading manufacturers of innovative machine technology and tools for cold and warm forming. Manufacturer: WAFIOS

Wire Straightening & Cutting machine

These machines are especially able to concrete reinforcement steel wire and welding rod wire; prestraighening units for straightening the beginning of a new wire bundle. […]

Wire Drawing machine

Dry drawing machines can be delivered in various model sizes, systems and designs. Details as for example size and number of capstans, mechanical traction forces, […]

Cutting & Bending machine

Easily accessible control panel with Touch Screen and graphical display the end product. If necessary, the support arms automatically rotate against the roller conveyor, also […]


We are able to supply different profile. Welding copper of all sizes.

Wire Drawing Lubricant & Drawing Dies

Tungsten carbide drawing nibs for the full range of wire drawing application High-carbon wire Steel cord for rubber reinforcement Bead wire Welding wire Stainless wire […]